Interested in joining our team?

We are looking for motivated, curious, and enthusiastic postdoctoral scientists, graduate students, and undergrads. Please read the sections below that detail what information to submit to Lawrence Kazak when you apply. 

Postdoctoral Fellows 

Postdoctoral positions are available for enthusiastic and driven scientists. Candidates should be highly motivated and have a strong research history as indicated by their publication record.  Candidates with a strong background in biochemistry, mass spectrometry and/or computational biology background looking to gain experience in molecular metabolism are encouraged to apply. Candidates with experience in non-mammalian systems looking to use those systems to answer questions pertinent to our research are also encouraged to apply.

Please email me (lawrence.kazak@mcgill.ca) a cover letter describing your past research, your future goals and why you would like to join the Kazak lab. Please include your CV and the names, emails and phone numbers of three references. Please note that although funding support is not a prerequisite, all postdocs are expected to apply for individual research fellowships.

Graduate students 

Graduate positions are available for enthusiastic and driven students wishing to study molecular and genetic mechanisms controlling mammalian energy metabolism and how it regulates obesity, cancer, and immunity.

The lab uses a wide variety of molecular biology and biochemical approaches in cultured mammalian cells as well as methods to study physiology in genetically engineered mice. Commonly used techniques include: molecular cloning, mass spectrometry (metabolomics and proteomics), respirometry,  RNA interference, Western blotting, quantitative RT-PCR, and fluorescent microscopy. In addition, physiological approaches are used such as in vivo metabolic phenotyping (body composition, indirect calorimetry, glucose homeostasis, high fat feeding, thermogenesis).

Please email me (lawrence.kazak@mcgill.ca) your future goals and why you would like to join the Kazak lab. 

Undergraduate students

If you are currently a McGill University undergraduate student who is keen to pursue graduate studies in the future, please email me (lawrence.kazak@mcgill.ca) with your prior experience, relevant coursework, a description of how much time you plan to spend in lab, and what interests you about our area of research.  

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